JQBX.FM Presents the Inaugural Jukie Awards

Billy Shakes / February 16, 2021

We all know the Grammys are shit. Music deserves better.

Introducing The JUKIE AWARDS!

The JQBX-curated Jukie Awards seek to honor the musicians and the art they release each year with thoughtful reviews and worthy celebration.

Submit your Nominations here: https://bit.ly/3afCzhF
by Sunday, Feb 21 @11:59pm!


Overall Award Nominations

These awards are open genre.
You may nominate an album previously nominated for a Genre Award.
You may nominate an album for multiple overall awards.

Genre Award Nominations

These awards are genre-based.
You may ONLY nominate an album for one genre award. However, you can nominate those albums again in the Overall Awards.


The Jukie Awards would not be possible without the hard work, time, and effort put in by emjstout. Thank you, em!!!

Handcrafted by:

Billy Shakes

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