Top 10 Alt Dance / Nu Disco Tracks. May Edition.

Matt / May 18, 2018

Presented in no particular order, the following are the ten best alt dance / nu disco tracks released between mid-April and mid-May 2018 as unilaterally determined by Matt. Think of this as an indie dance variety hour of sorts. You know the music they play over the intercom at Old Navy? No? Well it’s kind of like that.

Colin Manalong – Bodies in a Room

I just recently became aware of LA-based human groove factory Colin Manalong after hearing his first single, “Blossom”, a couple months back. I was instantly hooked. His newest single, “Bodies in A Room” is a very catchy funk-infused pop song that you will certainly be bobbing your head to on your first listen. I’ll be keeping an eye on Colin’s releases in the next few months, but for now there’s only one thing left to do… MOVE (on with the list).

Blende – Do You Remember feat. Mickael Karkousse

Okay okay okay. Let me start off by stating very firmly that Johan Blende has been one of my favorite nu disco artists since “Fake Love” came out in 2012, and in all that time he hasn’t released anything that I didn’t ended up falling in love with immediately. As far as I’m concerned, everything Blende touches turns to very pleasant sounding gold. “Do You Remember?” is no exception to that theory.

Patawawa – Lie

Patawawa has been a heavy hitter in the nu disco world since 2013, and they’ve brought their best with “Lie”. Smooth and funky vocal butter spread on top of a punchy synth bassline bread. What more could you need?

Fake Shark – Wake Up feat. Fionn

This one from Canadian indie-pop trio Fake Shark smells like summer. Blast this at your next beach party.

Poolside – Feel Alright (Yuksek Remix)

That GROOVIN’ bassline from the original track has been moved into the driver’s seat for this remix and I’m totally digging it. Feeling better than alright with this one.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Les oxalis (Alan Braxe Remix)

We can add this to the substantial collection of highly enjoyable Alan Braxe remixes. Much like the previous track on this list, this sits on the more relaxing side of the indie dance spectrum. I especially love that business at minute 3. Check it out (please).

Plaisir De France & Garçon Moderne – La Machine à Désirer(danse edit)

This is a fun one. Isn’t this a fun one?

POOLCLVB – Freefall feat. Doolie (Osmo Remix)

I’ve always been a sucker for remixes that introduce a strong piano presence to a mostly synth-backed original track. This does that, so I’m in.

Lemaitre – Rocket Girl feat. Betty Who

This track was released the exact same day that SpaceX was set to launch the final major new revision of their Falcon 9 rocket. The launch ended up being pushed back until the next day, but at least I had this, which was just as good.

Justice – Stop (WWW)

What better place to stop this chart than Justice’s latest release? I don’t need to tell you who Justice is. You know who Justice is.


This concludes my top alt dance / nu disco picks from the last 30-ish days. I’ll deliver another one of these next month and/or everytime Blende sneezes, so don’t leave town.

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