Amiably Speaking; Of Fox, Fuzz and Fiction

TwoLostDogs / October 24, 2018

Compliments of the Cinema…

It’s symbiotic, the motion falls flat. Without the thump and tap of each note, amplifying what the eyes consume, the echo of motion picture fervor won’t resonate. You notice the importance of correctly applied music by a professional. You appreciate the consideration of sound, tip of the cap to each ocular event. The sensory moments we devour like rabid hounds.

Pausing our amiable conversation, music is arguably the most important function in film. The gliding wail of a stringed delights, the squawk of an organ, the jangle of drum beats and synth. Each providing the total infrastructure to a scene, a moment in film. Think of your favorite motion pictures, now consider how of those settings are defined by the music from front to back. As you leave, be sure to tip the masters of soundtrack and cinematography.

A good mix. Camera work and the matching of music. Each focus on a furrowed brow, the spinning of a smoking wheel, transition between each line of terse dialogue, the stance of imminent combat, the simple glance of tone. Genuine emotion, driven by each note of a thoroughly arranged musical experience.

I won’t speak on what inspired this list, it’s not my place to influence your thought. I took the inspiration of those directorial savants and spun my own. I’d rather you envision the creators that embody this blend of noise and attribute them yourself. The music will provide what you need to craft your own.

So until next time…get loose, get lost and enjoy the sauce.

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