JQBX Jason / August 15, 2022

Hey JQBX Fam, To cut to the chase: it’s been real and it’s been fun but JQBX is going to be coming to a close in the next couple of weeks.

Please know this was not an easy decision to make. I started JQBX almost 8 years ago and my life is a lot different now than it was then. At this point in time I simply don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with the constantly changing landscape and demands. The APIs and licensing we need are always changing and to keep JQBX running as-is takes constant effort and oversight. I’ve received complaints from people for years and I just don’t have time to update all of these things and keep everyone happy. So it has become clear that I am just getting in the way of a better and more sustainable product from being made and I don’t want to be that guy.

I know this is disappointing for a lot of people. I am truly grateful that you’ve spent your time on JQBX and I am in awe of the amazing community that YOU all have built. I really did my best to keep the site running as long as I could and I believe I am doing my best in working with the TT Live folks to migrate to a brighter and more sustainable future. It’s clear to me that they are willing to put in the time and effort to make this work. They are a serious team that I trust will be responsive to your requests. It isn’t perfect, but they are very responsive and strive to make contain all the features and more that JQBX offers.

I think the best chance of this community sticking together is to move simultaneously to a private beta group inside It’s invite-only but I’m inviting everyone with a JQBX account. You can re-import your Spotify playlists pretty easily. Importantly, they also support Apple Music and Soundcloud so that anyone you know can DJ with you, not just ones who have Spotify Premium. I sincerely hope the energy goes on to some other platform and continues to thrive. Please join the welcome-JQBX discord channel by clicking this link for more info about migrating and transitioning your existing communities.

If you want to save your room playlists, please do it today, before the shut down date in a couple of weeks. You can export your playlists by logging into your room and clicking Export under the history tab. Your JQBX :: Starred and JQBX :: Queued playlists are already saved to your Spotify account and will remain there even after JQBX shuts down. I do not control the bot databases, so if there is specific bot-related data that you want to preserve you will need to contact the individual bot maintainers.

Thank you for the memories!

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JQBX Jason

Jason is the Founder of JQBX. When he's not writing code he can be found hanging out in Indie While You Murder, r/indieheads, The Jungle, or Chill Vibes. He lives in New York City but hates crowds and wants to move.

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