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Beastie Boys Memoir Includes Cookbook, Graphic Novel, & Other Surprises

Davinci / May 15, 2018

It was confirmed earlier this year that a long hyped Beastie Boys memoir would officially release in 2018. The book is now slated to be released October 30 and, according to the Beastie Boys merch store, the book will not only be a thick 592 pages, but it will also include a cookbook, a graphic novel, maps, original illustrations, playlists, and editorials from guest contributors such as: Spike Jonze, Amy Poehler, and Wes Anderson to name a few.

The book is described as “unique as the band itself.” Check it out or Preorder it.

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Eugene "Divinci" has seen more live music last month than some have seen all year. He plays drums in an 80's cover band and sells software to make ends meet.

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