Belle And Sebastian Announce Four Day Cruise / Music Festival.

Davinci / May 30, 2018

Belle And Sebastian have decided to try their hand at the vacation industry. The Scottish indie group are planning to set sail next August with The Boaty Weekender, which will be a four-day music festival that will take place on a cruise ship traveling from Barcelona to Sardina and then back.

Belle And Sebastian ran a survey earlier in the year to gauge potential interest in The Boaty Weekender and apparently enough fans were into it to make the venture worthwhile. The unannounced lineup was selected exclusively by the band and will comprise of both well established icons and fresh faces. Belle And Sebastian also plans to perform two different sets and a live Q&A panel. The first 350 people to book rooms will attend a performance of Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant, played in full for the first time.

The event will run from August 8-12 next year, marking the 20th anniversary of 1999’s Belle And Sebastian-curated Bowlie Weekender Festival. For more information and line-up announcements, visit The Boaty Weekender website.

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