Damon Albarn Leaves Master Copy of Gorillaz Album in Taxi

JQBX Jason / May 14, 2018

In some exciting news: Damon Albarn caused a panic after leaving a laptop with the master copy of a new Gorillaz album in the back of a taxi.

The Mirror reports that Albarn forgot the laptop in the taxi after a night of drinking in London’s Groucho Club.

The source said: “It was a disaster. Damon oversees everything and, with Gorillaz, it’s not just audio – it’s the expensive visuals as well. The laptop’s contents are priceless… But after a night at Groucho, Damon accidentally left it in a cab and caused a huge panic.”

The source went on to claim that this album is heavily inspired from Albarn’s resistance to the Brexit decision. “It’s a really personal project because the album is very politically charged. A lot of his opinions on Brexit filter through it”.

Fortunately, the taxi driver was a good sport and returned the laptop to Damon after realizing he left it in the car.


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