Fresh Albums, Friday May 18.

JQBX Jason / May 18, 2018

It’s new music Friday. Time to highlight some of the best new album releases that you should check out asap. All of these releases also happen to be part of a live music listening party in the indieheads room on JQBX.

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks – Sparkle Hard

Courtney Barnett – Tell Me How You Really Feel

Parquet Cours – Wide Awake!

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JQBX Jason

Jason is the Founder of JQBX. He loves all sorts of music but more specifically things that are easy to like. Things like Mac DeMarco, Beach House, Jonathan Richman, and Death Grips. He can usually be found hanging out in Indie While you Murder and r/indieheads.

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