Spotify Rolls Out “Friends Weekly” Playlist

Enzig / May 12, 2018

Spotify gives us a Discover Weekly playlist which perfect for finding new tracks and artists based on our tastes and preferences. But now, the company is introducing a new weekly playlist might be just as great. It’s called… Friends Weekly.

If you’re one of the select few chosen to beta test the new playlist, you’ll find that it’s like discover weekly, but based on the music your friends are listening to. This way you can stay connected with your inner circle through music. Before this new feature, you were only able to see what your friends were tuning in to with the Friend Activity sidebar, or if you’re really smart by creating a room on JQBX.

Based on what we are hearing from The Verge, this feature was introduced to handful of users a couple of months ago. But now, Friends Weekly is being rolled out to a larger group of people with it’s site set on everyone pretty soon.

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