Gorillaz Drop Teaser For Their New Album “The Now Now”. Watch.

JQBX Jason / May 27, 2018

Humanz marked the first Gorillaz record in six years, and at the end of 2017, illustrator Jamie Hewlett said that the band had plans to release another new album in 2018. He was true to his word and now that album has finally been given both a title and release date.

After first debuting a new song on their tour in Chile, the band then appeared to be hinting at a new project with a series of posters at London’s All Points East festival. The posters direct you to the website TheNowNow.tv, where you can watch a brief teaser video for the album titled The Now Now and out this June 29. The clip includes a few seconds of synthy disco music, as well as a silhouette of one of the Gorillaz cartoons. Watch.

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