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JQBX Jason / June 16, 2022

Turntable LIVE is an app and desktop website designed for music lovers by music lovers. The developers behind Turntable LIVE are dedicated to creating the best virtual music experience possible. The site and app have a multitude of custom features that make it the cutting edge of online music discovery and community. 

Since Joseph Perla launched Turntable LIVE’s beta in 2020, the company and website have garnered new users and new features that make the site and app robust and fun to use. As we enter the summer of 2022, Turntable LIVE is excited to share some exciting news about what’s next for the website and app. 

Before we dive into what’s to come, let’s make sure you’re caught up with everything Turntable LIVE already has to offer. No other platform makes it easier to perform live whenever you want. Turntable LIVE’s most obvious feature is you don’t have to use a camera or mic. That’s right, no showing your face or your messy bedroom! We provide you with the best visuals to make your experience easy, fun, and completely virtual. Here are some of our key features that you can use right now:

Easy Access – Use Turntable LIVE on your phone with our mobile app or from your desktop

Live Chat – Chat with whoever is throwing the show, or your friends in the crowd! Live chat is open for all users. 

Streaming Platform Integrations – Turntable is directly integrated with Spotify and Apple Music. Want to add a song to your library? Add it to your “Liked Songs” directly through Turntable LIVE with the click of a button. Stream any song, anytime. No licensing or copyright issues will ever affect your ability to play what you want. 

SoundCloud – Sign in with SoundCloud to play a custom mix or privately listed tracks before they’re released! 

YouTube – Want to play audio from a YouTube video? No problem. Sign in with your login and play what you wish. 

Direct Uploads – Upload and play your own MP3s direct to Turntable LIVE. 

Audio Chat – While we allow you to DJ your set without a microphone, if you wish, you cant enable the audio feature and talk to your audience during your set. 

Live Mixing – Connect your DJ controller directly to Turntable LIVE and stream LIVE mixed DJ sets. 

Tipping – Want to support an artist or DJ? Tip any Turntable LIVE user directly through the App. 

Custom Avatars – You are unique and we want you to be able to express yourself. Customize your avatar to look like you! Are you an artist? Contact us directly to have a custom avatar built!

Turntable LIVE has already built the perfect virtual music venue. No video or microphone is needed. Sign in through your desired streaming service, upload your playlist, and start spinning! 

Turntable LIVE is for DJs, producers, artists, curators, and fans of music from all walks of life! 

Turntable LIVE makes it easy for your fans to support you. Whether you are a DJ, artist, or curator, you can accept tips from your biggest supporters directly through the platform. Access Turntable LIVE via any web browser or download the mobile app through the Google Play or Apple App store. 
So, what’s to come? The Turntable LIVE team is engaged with the music industry to seek official music licensing deals with major labels. JQBX is officially partnering with Turntable LIVE to integrate the two music-loving communities together and create the ultimate virtual space for DJs, Artists, Producers, and music lovers to connect and share music together. Turntable LIVE will be the largest virtual music community where you can stream any music you desire. With our new share feature, you’ll be able to easily share your Turntable LIVE experience with your community on other social platforms and get your friends, family, and community members to easily join you on the dancefloor. It’s all happening, right here this summer on Turntable LIVE.

Written by:

JQBX Jason

Jason is the Founder of JQBX. When he's not writing code he can be found hanging out in Indie While You Murder, r/indieheads, The Jungle, or Chill Vibes. He lives in New York City but hates crowds and wants to move.

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