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DaftPuddin / June 6, 2018

So you’re in a party on your PS4 or Xbox One and someone starts playing music through their mic for the party. Why they would want to subject you to this horror I don’t know. The deck is in their hands, and even if your taste in music aligns with theirs, you are listening to that music in the most horrible way possible; through a staticky mic and only hearing half of the track when their background noise cancellation isn’t kicking.

Enter JQBX.

Did you know that you could get JQBX to use your console as a playback device? It has been a nice edition to my party’s gaming sessions. This meant we could all contribute to our gaming soundtrack and use Spotify as the source.

Firstly, load up the Spotify application on your console. Secondly, log onto JQBX web app via browser on your selected device (laptop, mobile, I haven’t tried the console browser but that might be fun). Make sure that this device is on the same WiFi network as your console. In JQBX, click the playback device picker in the top right corner (looks like a computer monitor or a web browser icon). From here you should be able to see the name of your console in the list. Select your console in that list and you’re ready to game.

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DaftPuddin's love of gaming means is music taste is varied, like a GTA soundtrack. He enjoys anything that mixes technology with creativeness and you can usually find him in r/indieheads or the Xbox room on JQBX.

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