JQBX Partnership Announcement!

JQBX Jason / June 16, 2022

Hey JQBX fam! I’m super excited to announce that JQBX is partnering with Joseph Perla, the original founder in 2011 of Turntable —which was the original inspiration for JQBX. After Turntable completely shut down in 2014, I built JQBX just for fun to fill the void for music fans who had used Turntable in the past. It was incredible to watch the JQBX community grow over the years as I added features, but I focused on other projects as JQBX grew with the community. 

I believe that music lovers deserve a premium virtual listening experience, and that’s why I’m excited to partner with Turntable LIVE, the all-new iteration.

Turntable LIVE is well-funded and focused on the future of music sharing and listening. The website and app are integrated with both Apple Music and Spotify, and the team is actively engaged with the music industry for music licensing. The Turntable LIVE team consists of over 10 people working on the website and apps every day. The team adds new improvements every week that are regularly updated on the web and the mobile apps on iOS and Android. 

We are committed to partnering together and building the best music listening community and experience yet!

Incepted from the mind of:

JQBX Jason

Jason is the Founder of JQBX. When he's not writing code he can be found hanging out in Indie While You Murder, r/indieheads, The Jungle, or Chill Vibes. He lives in New York City but hates crowds and wants to move.

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