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“This is America” Takes the #1 Spot on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Davinci / May 14, 2018

According to @ChartData This is America has claimed the #1 Spot of Billboard’s Hot 100. Let’s recap. In May Days Donald Glover has: Hosted SNL, wrapped up his latest season of Atlanta, Starred as Lando Calrissian in a major Star Wars Prequel, & as of just now reached #1 on Billboard. I would say it’s been a productive month.

Take a look at the music video below if you’re one of the 10 who hasn’t seen it already. Or if you’re feeling cheeky- check out how it syncs up to “Call Me Maybe”. Because that’s apparently a thing too…

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Eugene "Divinci" has seen more live music last month than some have seen all year. He plays drums in an 80's cover band and sells software to make ends meet.

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