JQBX Jason / September 15, 2022

(1) What is TT and how does it relate to JQBX?

Turntable Live is an immersive social listening platform that lets you listen to music in sync with friends from all across the world. It’s similar to JQBX in a lot of ways but it also allows you to use multiple music providers (Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, etc…) so it’s more of a super-set of JQBX features.

(2) Do I need a new account or can I use the same thing I used for JQBX?

You will need to create a new account to get started with Turntable Live. This is because they use multiple music providers so just using your Spotify log-in info like JQBX used to do doesn’t cut it.

(3) Is JQBX going away completely? If so, when?

JQBX is migrating all of its features to Turntable Live so eventually you will need to use Turntable Live for all your JQBX needs.

(4) What’s different about TT vs. JQBX?

Turntable Live is a super set of JQBX’s features. So you get the social listening, but you also get much much more.

(5) Do people need an account to listen to your TT?

You can log into a Turntable Live room as a ghost if you don’t create an account. This way you can listen in with others “incognito” if you prefer.

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