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JQBX Jason / June 25, 2022

With all the chatter going around we though it would be helpful to put up a Frequently Asked Questions post for reference. In summary: everyone stay calm, everything will be great! We will plan to update this post as time goes on.

Are you shutting down JQBX?

No, we are not shutting down JQBX. Jason runs JQBX, and we run TurntableLIVE.com and want to make it a really simple, clean experience with all of the features from JQBX and much more, like support for Apple Music and SoundCloud and YouTube.

Is TurntableLIVE.com open to evolving their existing format?

Very much so. We are taking and implementing feedback regularly.

Will there be bots in TurntableLIVE.com?

We currently have a basic bot that you can feed a playlist and it will get on stage and run it. It’s been mainly used for internal testing. Our API is open to develop against along with the API of the chat provider we use.

Is there a roadmap for what you’re doing?

Not at this point in time. The best view into what we’re prioritizing will be in the JQBX / TT bug/feedback board. We’re picking things off the board with a balance of popularity via thumbs ups, and time/difficulty of implementation.

We will provide a public roadmap when we have one.

You can find the board here: https://jqbx-tt.nolt.io/

Why do you ask me for my phone number when I create an account?

There are a number of reasons for a small social app with limited resources to do this. 

Basing an account off of a phone number provides higher security for users accounts and better moderation and safety for all users. In addition, phone numbers, with full privacy and permission, helps you find friends and for your friends to find you. Finally, and very importantly, account recovery is simple and straightforward. This avoids accidental duplicate accounts as well. 

Large social (and non-social) apps with billions of total users including WhatsApp, Twitter, Lyft, and Signal require phone numbers. 

We will allow email only authentication methods in the future as we expand the team and launch features to solve these problems in other ways.

What are you doing with my phone number?

We’re using it to send an SMS message with authentication codes to users.

Have more questions? Let us know on discord. If it gets asked a lot we will update this post. Thanks!

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