YouTube Adds “Music In This Video” Feature

JQBX Jason / May 16, 2018

YouTube has just added “music in this video” which details artist, writer, and publisher credits within a particular video. This feature has been rolled out to to more than half a billion videos – In addition to official music videos, the credits are being added to user generated content that uses recorded music.

To try this out, click “Show more” within a YouTube Video that contains published music and you will get more details about the artist, songwriters,  label and publisher. There are also links to the Official Artist’s YouTube Channel and links to his/her/their official music videos when available.

Robert Ashcroft, the chief executive of PRS (a company which pays royalties out to artists) responded in a statement: “Unlike with CDs, and LPs before that, songwriters are not generally credited for their work on digital services and platforms. I welcome the steps that YouTube is taking to right this wrong and look forward to supporting their efforts on behalf of all our members.”

Concurrently, YouTube is continuing to develop their own streaming service, known as Remix. Remember Google owns YouTube and Google Play Music, so one can’t help but wonder how everything in this ecosystem is going to be connected.

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