Amiably Speaking; Hostile Yard Sale Suppliers

TwoLostDogs / April 25, 2020

Salutations, wanderer.

You have arrived at a place of total…crap. Hmm, it’s quite unfortunate, you ending up here and all that jazz. If it lifts your spirits, know that I put months of procrastinating into this experience.

No bother, I shall provide you with momentary relief from your tribulations.

We’ve been speaking on amicable terms for roughly two years–always round up to reinforce your point–and you’ve experienced a fever dream of bings, bangs and bongs as you ponder if there was better usage of your time.

Like a piece of trash floating down your conscious stream, we hope it arrives at the shoreline of nonsense and delusion…as a parting gift.

Ah yes, we were steadfast in fusing oddities during this series of subpar.

Oh, colossus curators of clout, grant us your powers.

But really…Amiably Speaking is done. On to new projects that I’ll put limited amount of effort into. So enjoy the last hurrah and as always, get loose, get lost and enjoy the sauce.



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