Amiably Speaking; HOT NIGHT FARES II

TwoLostDogs / September 7, 2018

One year ago, a process was initiated.


On the nagging noises that came barking out of one friend’s mouth, I figured I’d bond the two worlds of music…and the stream-of-consciousness garbage that stumbles out of my head. It was… truth be told…friendly advice from an esteemed friend but I’d rather pretend it was annoying, to embolden my desire in crap hobbies.

Amiably speaking, I wanted to organize a playlist that personified a specific aspect of summer. The soundscape of a boiled-summers eve, the mark of dusk and the experiences that lurk beyond the inviting dark. The smells and delights of a Southern heat, stoked by the soundstage that summer provides. In duet with our music of choice, we are transfixed by the hot night noise. Whether by rides of joy or the sunset strip strides, the notes of summer permeate from all angles, all fissures.

It’s well documented, my sentiment of curation, but there is importance in how an audio journey begins and ends. Well-crafted albums resonate throughout our lifetime, soundtracks guide us along the gusts of emotion. A range is set and the tones are placed. There’s no method to the mania, it’s just a feeling. The sounds fall from one track to another in a syncopated, yet desirable fashion.

I toyed with the music that once lived in this list and adapted it for the dusks in and beyond summer. Let us define our summer exposure and happenings thereafter. Strut and sway, as we dig on the tracks, genres and notes that illustrate the return of Hot Night Fares.

So until next time…get loose, get lost and enjoy the sauce.

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