Amiably Speaking; Souda Bay Collective

TwoLostDogs / December 19, 2018

By now…one can determine the sort of vibe I wish to invoke. The ever-changing turbulence and serenity of sound waves, crashing and sliding into each crevasse and bay of the brain.

Ideally, a track will personify a passing moment. A sliver of experience, the reverie of strut and step. Add a sound to your commute. Each step, with conviction, committed to embracing the emanating music…pouring like liquid gold from your soundstage of choice.

A thump. A shrill note. A raw noise.

Why associate with a notion of woolgathering, succumbing to the songs of your appropriate soundtrack?

Well…I wrote this while staring into the worn grains and faded varnish of an old fence, spotlit by aging headlights and accompanied by the slow trickle of winter rain. Point is, I was consumed by the music I wish to share. A hyper focused desire to invite whatever lurks behind each casual trotting note.

What games has my imagination prepared?

I don’t have much else to conjure on the matter, I’ll leave you be…so until next time get loose, get lost and enjoy the sauce.

Forged from the soul of:


Started at the Bottom. Still There.
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