Clyde Darenger Presents: Wave McGruff and the Pizza Boys

TwoLostDogs / July 24, 2020

Same noise vacuum, new series.

Before we get into the nitty gritty…

One day on Reddit

Clyde, a mild-mannered barman in North London, aims to diversify his mid-century digs.

–Dear patrons of the wide web, share your cordial chorus of communal compilation–

On the guidance of his astute granddaughter, Clyde hoped to bring in new clientele to his bar of bygone. By her standards, his selection of tunes and ditties had long overstayed their welcome.

So a collective of internet curators put together an anthology of righteous sounds and assisted in expanding the tones in Clyde’s chamber of brew. The habituĂ© obliged.

Therefore–I wanted to do a series that traveled further than previous digs, inspired by the mellow man of London Town but in honor…of a fellow music connoisseur.

So here we are and here we go.


Sir Wavy of the Big Purple Palace is a homie. The man creates a cornucopia of styles within the realms of his breezy bunch. Make beats, freestyle funk, shred polygonal baddies and keep that wild-wave aesthetic ticking. A folk hero among his loyal buckaroos.

Cast your gaze upon the horizon for some head-nod love and a hankering for an digital porch loung’n experience. Raise your hand for the smoothest crew alive.

So here’s to you, Mr. Waverson. A list of ordered tracks to hearken the vibes of one of the internet’s most stellar star-lords.

As always, get loose, get lost and enjoy the sauce.

–Shameless Friend Promotion–

Jam w/ Wavy on Twitch

Celebrate the artistic strength of a tier one mullet

//Playlist art direct from the Wavelord himself//


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