:: D E C A D E S :: Presents – The Best of the 1960s

Billy Shakes / March 10, 2020

Not your dad’s music. But maybe your grandad’s.

We have a selection of tasty tunes from the Sixties, both Swinging and otherwise, from JQBX’s own throwback room ::DECADES::. If you’re not familiar with this JQBX room, it’s exactly how it sounds.

In ::DECADES::, every week we take a look back at the amazing music of a specific decade. Working our way back from 2010 down to the 1950’s, this week we explored the incredibly varied tunes of the 1960s. We curated their most up-voted songs of the decade. From early Sixties Led Zeppelin to late Sixties Led Zeppelin (just kidding, most of the Zeppelin songs are from 1969)  sit back and rock out to a searing playlist that will bring you back to a decade of free love and cheap vinyl.

Forged from the soul of:

Billy Shakes

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