Now Playing at The Globe: Flute Loops

Billy Shakes / June 21, 2021

Hip hop has sampled instrumentation for years, but it’s usually driven by drums and keys/synthesizers. Horns made more appearances in hip hop production as jazzier elements were implemented and popularized. Yet, there’s still one accompanying instrumentation that hasn’t gotten the love it requires: the flute.

The flute in hip hop has only recently seen a bump in mainstream use mostly due to 2017’s “Mask Off” by Future, which currently clocks in over a BILLION streams on Spotify. The flute has steadily increased in popularity to the point it’s even been referenced in an SNL sketch song featuring Kid Cudi:

Flutes in rap aren’t exactly NEW, as Jay-Z was probably the first to popularize it with 1999’s Big Pimpin’. While you’ll find that song, Mask Off, and other popular flute-centric hip hop songs, I’ve tried to highlight over 800+ other underappreciated or lesser-known flute loops in this playlist.

Written by:

Billy Shakes

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