This Is Pizza & Beer

JQBX Jason / September 17, 2018

Tasty tunes served up daily. What are tasty tunes you ask? Perhaps blues from the 1920s, Jazz from the 30s and 40s, doo-wop, hip hop, punk, disco, or new wave. True pizza-heads value camaraderie and musical variety over everything; a tight knit community that gets along, has a lot of fun and loves to jam 24/7. So grab a pint of pizza or a slice of beer check out the playlist!

Handcrafted by:

JQBX Jason

Jason is the Founder of JQBX. He loves all sorts of music but more specifically things that are easy to like. Things like Mac DeMarco, Beach House, Jonathan Richman, and Death Grips. He can usually be found hanging out in Indie While you Murder and r/indieheads.

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