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JQBX Jason / September 14, 2018

While their name may be “Pop Punk/Rock/Alternative/Emo” they enjoy a variety of genres and artists and are a “play anything” room that just leans towards those categories. The resulting playlist is eclectic, energetic, and packed with hits from across the board. When you’re through with the playlist go join the room. The only rules are to be excellent to each other, ease up on the downvotes, and have a good time!

Handcrafted by:

JQBX Jason

Jason is the Founder of JQBX. He loves all sorts of music but more specifically things that are easy to like. Things like Mac DeMarco, Beach House, Jonathan Richman, and Death Grips. He can usually be found hanging out in Indie While you Murder and r/indieheads.

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