Transmissions from the Underground: Lost in the Jungle

Erik / May 5, 2020

I hope everyone’s quarantine/isolation situation is going alright. Fortunately, I’ve been able to dig my teeth into an absolutely fantastic array of new releases over the last few months.  I’ll highlight my favorite three releases of the last week below:

  • New label GODDEZZ’s massive compilation ON+ON+ON released last week – featuring 23 tracks from many well-known names in the underground.  The compilation spans a myriad of genres, offering a healthy dose of electro, breaks, jungle, house and techno cuts.  A necessary listen.

  • Second on the list is Lobster Theremin label boss Asquith’s latest EP – Rave Til Dawn.  As the name suggests, this four track EP lays down some serious rave-throwback heat.  Super fun release.

  • For my third feature, I’ve gotta give it to RIP Swirl.  His prior album 9TEEN90 is easily one of my favorite releases from last year, and this latest single, Memory Screen shows strong promise for another great forthcoming release. Broken, lo-fi bliss – can’t wait to hear the whole album.

Last but not least, I’d like to feature a few Bandcamp-exclusive releases worth checking out.  In case you weren’t aware, Bandcamp has had a few days (and will do a few more in the next few months) where they waive their fees so artists receive full earnings from each purchase.  A lot of labels are offering exclusive compilations and releases, and even in some cases donating a portion of proceeds to various COVID-affected/related charities!

Here are a few of my favorites on Bandcamp:

R&S Records – In Order to Care

Massive 43 track compilation with many big names.  Essential.  All money raised will directly supply much needed PPE to NHS workers.


Habibi Bass – Bounce Operators Vol.1

Bass, electro, and ghettotech galore.  A fantastic selection of tracks.


Comic Sans Records – Pr. Raoult Secret Weapons

A serious cache of weapons. Loaded with heavy-hitting bass, breaks, and electro – a must-have for your arsenal.

There are too many other fantastic releases to mention, but I’ve assembled my 30 favorite tracks of the week into the below playlist.

Let me know what you think!

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Evangelist of the weird, underground, and experimental side of all genres. you can usually find Erik in 🌛Dreamer's Nest🌜, Indie While You Murder, and 🔊B r a i n⚡️W a v e s🧠,

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