Two Lost Dogs Presents: TRASH DAY.

TwoLostDogs / August 3, 2018

We take the trash out on Friday. Politely leave the week’s used items and broccoli stems for said service worker to collect.

Friday also means music. Lots of it. So much of it, that you may overlook or go unknowing. Like those times you ask for sauce but the drive-thru dude forgets it…and so do you….until it’s too late.

We’re not above dumpster divin’.

Really it’s a playlist of new/old/forgotten genre mixes, tapping up those sounds that bridge nostalgic and modern music. The only process we created was finding the right places to look and taking our time connecting the right sounds. Serious bidnis.

Truthfully we hope you come back every week, a new weekend soundtrack for whatever populates your time.

Take luck.

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