Welcome to Transmissions from the Underground

Erik / March 17, 2020

Welcome to the first installment of Transmissions from the Underground – I’ll be putting together a recap of my three favorite underground electronic releases of the week + a playlist that highlights my overall favorite tracks of the week.  I hope that these posts will both introduce you to some new artists and provide you with the best of the new releases each week.

  • After months of being teased by single releases, Four Tet’s Sixteen Oceans finally dropped. The album begins with a gentle flow between chilled house and techno-inspired tracks, while the latter half leans into a tender ambient vibe.

  • Another of my favorite releases of the week comes from Russia’s Get Busy Recordings. Their compilation Synthetic showcases both silky, acid-tinged tracks & a more aggressive crunched-out electro sound from artists CPSL, Rayme, Boggrow, and more.

  • Of a similar ilk is VIGILE’s debut EP IN2DEEP on Childsplay Records. VIGILE’s sound design on this EP bounces between warm saw waves, icy FM synth tones, and retro acid meanderings – this EP is an absolute treat for any fan of electro.

There are too many other fantastic releases to mention, but I’ve assembled my favorite tracks of the week into this playlist:

Let me know what you think!

I’m also going to attempt to keep up with a bonus weekly ~1-2hr mixtape-style playlist of random stuff I’ve dug up. Here’s what I’ve put together for this week:


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